Founder – Danielle Brookes

The idea for Dhikr Daily first came about in 2019.  The founder Danni B had always wanted to have her own business but had never really been sure what area to go into. “I wanted it to be something I truly had a passion for but could help people at the same time. Something with purpose.”

Originally from the UK, she lived in the UAE for many years before reverting to Islam in 2018. Previously working as a Marketing Director and gaining experience in Start-up businesses; she had the idea to create items that serve as both functional and as Islamic reminders. She asked several of her close friends what they thought of the idea and they all agreed it was something people not only needed in their lives but something they would enjoy. For many Muslims around the world, their first language isn’t Arabic which can make it more difficult applying the many sunnah practices into daily life. Even for those born Muslim or those able to speak Arabic, there are still so many ways for us to try and remember Allah (SWT) in our lives. Thus she began to start working on making Dhikr Daily happen.

Though she knew she couldn’t do it alone, she decided to reach out to her Muslim sisters involved in her community. Sister Jamila joined the Dhikr Daily team in 2020 to help with the marketing. Finally, in the spring of 2020, Dhikr Daily’s new website was launched.

For any enquires contact: hello@dhikrdaily.com