After the death of George Floyd, it has once again highlighted the many issues people in this world face based on the colour of their skin. One of the loveliest things about the Muslim community is the sheer diversity within it. Despite this, we also know of the racism that exists within the Muslim community.

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One of the most common complaints I’ve heard as a new convert to Islam also called a revert to Islam, is how lonely it can be. After typically spending years of researching before making our decision and then deciding to finally tell our family and friends, “I’m becoming Muslim.” Only for people, who we thought

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As we approach the last few days of Ramadan, feelings can begin to overwhelm us. Perhaps we would have liked to achieve more? Maybe the lack of sleep is getting us down? Also, many of us are currently suffering from loneliness as we are separated from loved ones due to the current circumstances. This is

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Stuck for Eid gift ideas? Or what an Eid gift for a baby? Our cute Islamic outfits for newborns and babies is now available in our shop for the US. If you’re based in the UK, we’re now launched our Etsy store exclusively for our Eid Collection to make it easier. This allows us to

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It’s a challenging time we’re currently going through and it can feel like there’s a large hole missing in our lives without being able to go to Khutbah on Juma. If you’re in a country where religious places have closed. So here is a list of different places you can listen to a Friday sermon

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