Friday Sermons (Khutba Juma) in English, Arabic and Urdu online

It’s a challenging time we’re currently going through and it can feel like there’s a large hole missing in our lives without being able to go to Khutbah on Juma. If you’re in a country where religious places have closed. So here is a list of different places you can listen to a Friday sermon (Khutba Juma) online and try to keep some of that routine.

In addition, we can do the other sunnah practices prescribed on Jummah. Such as taking a shower, brushing our teeth, trimming our nails, wearing fresh clothes, reciting Surah Al Kahf and sending blessings to Prophet Muhammed.

UAE Khutba Juma Archive
They’re not currently doing any new sermons but you can go through all the previous Friday Khutbahs. From the 25th May 2018 you can listen to audio files in English or Arabic. Urdu has been added at a later date but they do have downloadable PDFs in English and Urdu dating back till 2016.

Mecca and Medina Friday Sermons
Mecca and Medina are still doing Friday khutbahs despite the public not being able to attend. This YouTube channel uploads the previous sermons for you to listen to in Arabic and English. There’s also some with English subtitles but Arabic audio for Medina. Again there are also historical ones available on the channel. So you can choose to listen to past Friday sermons.

They’re also really quick at uploaded the sermons on a Jummah!

Friday Khutbah’s from East Plano Islamic Center in Texas

Khutba Juma Playlist
Shortened to EPIC for their YouTube channel. The above is their Friday Khutbah playlist. The Friday sermon is often led by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi and delivered in English. It states on the Islamic center website they are closed due to Covid-19 at the moment but you can watch their previous Friday sermons.

Eman Channel

The Eman channel are doing an E-Khutbah. The Friday Khutbah is uploaded every Juma. Last week’s episode was delivered by Mufti Menk. They haven’t yet created a playlist for the Khutbahs but you can just search for “E-Khutbah” and you’ll find them on YouTube.

May we all have a blessed Jummah and may Allah make it easy for us all during these hard times inshallah. As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

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