8 easy ways to prepare for a successful Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is quickly approaching and you may be wondering what you can do in order to help prepare for our blessed holy month. Here are a few useful suggestions to help you get ready and really make 2020 the most productive Ramadan it can be.

We know with everything that is going on the world currently with Coronavirus (Covid-19) that it might effect some of the ways you’d usually prepare for Ramadan. Not to worry all our helpful tips won’t affect the social distancing rules!

Focus and improve on your Salah

If you’re missing prayers, try to get back to doing all the daily prayers. If you’ve been rushing your five daily prayers, take time to really focus on your prayers. Take the time to recite a longer surah. Listen to your favourite reciter and try to improve your pronunciation. If you’re already doing those, you can also add some of the sunnah prayers.

Take time throughout your day to do Dhikr

Also called Zikr. Whether it’s taking time after prayer and repeating Alhamdullilah or repeating the 99 names of Allah. Dhikr is one of the most simple ways we can increase rewards in our daily lives. Dhikr also offers us protection.

O You who believe!  Remember Allah with much remembrance” [33:41].

Pray night prayers or I’tikaf

One of the key elements of Ramadan is performing Tahajjud. We can begin getting into this habit by taking some nights to perform prayers. You can also take some time to isolate yourself and focus on reading the Quran. Set a set amount of time where you spend it in prayer and reading the Quran. With everything going on worldwide at the moment, I’tikaf can be in a quiet room in your house rather than a Masjid.

Starting planning your acts of charity and kindness

It’s really nice to aim for at least one act of kindness per day in Ramadan. As our rewards are greatly increased during this blessed hold month. There are so many ways we can help those around us plus giving to others has a positive effect on our own mentality.

Fast once or twice a week

It’s great to start getting your body ready for fasting. It’s sunnah to fast three times a month and to fast on Mondays and Thursdays. So if you aren’t already fasting on these days, it’s a great way to prepare yourself fast in the run-up to Ramadan.

Read more Quran

Even if it’s one page a day before bed, start getting into the habit now so it’ll be easier once we reach Ramadan.

Replace your typical entertainment with an Islamic lecture

Whether it’s music, books or Netflix. These days with so many podcasts and talks available online, there are so many super-easy ways to integrate Islamic learning into our lives. Replace the book you usually read on the train with an Islamic themed one or download a podcast do you can listen to it as you drive.

Write down your goals for Ramadan

Did you know you’re more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down? Knowing what you want to focus on before you start Ramadan is a great way to know what to do when it starts. You can then take your goals and break them down into actionable items.

For example: Goal – Learn to recite Ayat at kursi off by heart
– Days 1 to 7 – Start from the beginning and write down a part of Ayat a Kursi romanised every day, cover it up and see if you can remember it
– Day 7 to 14 – Listen to your favourite reciter and repeat after them
– Day 16 to 21 – Record your recitation and listen to it. Then listen to a professional and compare yours.
– Day 21 to 28 – Recite to a loved one or a teacher from an Islamic centre and see if they can hear any errors or where you need to improve

A huge help for setting and keeping your goals, which I’ve used personally is the Ramadan planner, you can buy it here (plus you’ll get 15% off by using our link)

What ways are you preparing for Ramadan and what tips would you give to others? Leave us a comment below! Inshallah may we all make it to the blessed month of Ramadan.

Once we go get further into Ramadan, it’s really important we don’t forget to take care of ourselves, check out our self-care tips here! Want more tips for preparing for Ramadan and to keep up to date with our latest posts, subscribe here!

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